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This is a compilation of resources on carbon offseting.Format inspired by other #awesome- It aims to give an overview of what are your carbon offseting options, what are the issues with carbon offseting and anything else that might be useful..

What is carbon offsetting

Carbon offseting is when people do financial contributions to projects that help reduce CO2 emissions. A lot of the carbon offseting companies are Charities or Not for Profit organisations, but not all.

A good post on the subject of How to carbon offset flights which goes in depth into the common questions and what are the problems with it. It seems like not many people know about this as a possibility.

We found another really in depth post in Ethical consumer’s “A short guide to carbon offsets”. Interestingly, their recommendation is:

We recommend offsetting at the level of individual projects (rather than just giving to a company’s whole portfolio) because this is the level at which there is most information available. Accordingly, most of this feature deals with how best to choose such a project…

If you want to buy official offsets, we recommend giving to Gold Standard-approved wind or solar energy projects. You can find Gold Standard VER projects on the Gold Standard website and you can buy Gold Standard CERs directly through the UN’s platform…

Recommended offset types – renewables There is a strong argument that renewables are the best form of official offset, as they are addressing the central structural issue that is causing climate change: our reliance on using fossil fuels for energy…

Meanwhile, we keep collecting our first hand experiences in Awesome carbon offset please add your own by sending a PR to the repository or let us know of better ways to offset the things we can’t change.