Welcome to coders4Climate

Inspired by the call to action by Greta Thunberg and the many (1) (2) (3) recent demostrations, we want to help, with action.

If you have some suggestions or want to get involved talk to us via twitter coders4Climate

So, as a developer/programmer/coder, what can we do? Here is some suggestions of things you can change:

Running and hosting applications

:: ethical cloud hosting, aws, gcpclour, azure, carbon :: Otter

What are the best places from a sustainability point of view to host your services and applications? In this article we point you to the info we have. TL;DR: These are carbon neutral places to host @GCPcloud @Azure or @awscloud BUT ONLY Dublin, Frankfurt, Canada or Oregon (these are the sustainable regions as of Nov–2018).

Awesome carbon offseting

:: carbon offseting, flying, :: Otter

This is a compilation of resources on carbon offseting.Format inspired by other #awesome- It aims to give an overview of what are your carbon offseting options, what are the issues with carbon offseting and anything else that might be useful..