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Do you want to do something now? A few interesting alternatives:

  • Buy a phone you can easily repair (a high level on the fairphone)
  • Offset when you fly
  • Reduce plastic at home and the office

Voting with your wallet

Buying a phone?

  • What are the environmental costs in building machines? in getting components? are there ethical implications and alternatives? Influenced by the fairphone talk and the actual Fair Phone.
  • A review for the Fairphone 3 by The Guardian


If you have to travel by air, you can offset your carbon. We have compiled a list of carbon offsetting companies, if you used one and you are happy with their work, feel free to tell us or simply send a PR to the Awesome carbon offseting.

In the office

  • Get yourself a glamourus Keep cup or similar. It not only reduces a lot of waste, your choosen beverage tastes much better on glass (also you look cool!) Some places also give you a discount when you bring your own cup.
  • Same as above but with lunch, there are millions of options for containers of food, some food companies (Tossed salads comes to mind) are starting to sell their own to reduce their own carbon and plastic footprint. Basically turn up at your chosen lunch place, ask them politely and they might even give you a small discount too!! Alternatively, sandwiches and wraps tend to have a lot less packaging.